Thursday, October 02, 2008

Paranormal State - UFO sightings at the famous Gilliland's Ranch Mt Adams

This is an amazing and must watch ufo documentary! If your into Ufos would would know that Gilliland's Ranch near Mount Adams in Washington State in the hottest Ufo spot in the US at the moment (its a must to visit if you can). From Boeing engineers to US airforce staff and celebrities like robbie williams, numerous people have stayed at the ranch for one reason - to witness Ufos interacting with humans (read more here and here). Watch as PRS investigates UFO sightings at Gilliland's Ranch:
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Todd said...

While I tend to beleive that UFO's are real.. nothing shown in the video from this episode is a UFO. These ARE satellites. If you are out in the wilderness away from city light pollution you will always see at least one of these LEO's (low earth orbiting). You also are using J-track.. great software, except you have to add the satellites that you are searching for by entering their Keplarian data. This data tells the software where it is so it can track it. J-track out of the box will only show a couple of Nasa sats. The "power-up" that they are seeing is simply the satellite reflecting sun as it comes by. Like a reflection off a passing car windshield. Most LEO's are spinning as they come over... not like the geostationary sats that sit on the equator,so it looks like a flutter. The comment on the show was that NASA didn't have a ny sats coming over. Probably true.. but there are hundreds of none NASA satellites buzzing over at any moment. I live in WA state and see them all the time. I have entered over 100 different sats in my j-track software and can see when they are coming on my out side and see it zip over! If you could cut power to your city.. you would see them too.

T- Wa. State

Vania said...

You are a true skeptic Todd.

Anonymous said...

Yes Todd, you are a most true and valuable sceptic, opened minded, and well informed. This makes you a true and valuable believer as well (logically ironic).

Anonymous said...

Well Todd definetley has the right to be skeptic with a stupid show like paranormal state. Aliens don't exist anyhow. If they did i don't know how we wouldn't be aware of their existence by now, and if they did exist, which planet could they have come from that has the resources available to build a space ship...

Anonymous said...

Todd's input is correct. J-track is only as valuable as the data this is entered. The videos were interesting but nothing recorded was unusual. The one object that seemed to brighten in intensity then fade was most likely an Iridium Flare; sunlight reflecting off one of a constellation of satelites used for telephone communications (Google Iridium Flares). Sunset is late in Washington summers, consequently satelites are easily seen very late into the evening. Interesting episode, but nothing convincing.

Fred (starxplror)
Manteca, CA

Priscilla said...

I lived in Oregon most of my life and Washington for a few years before moving to Colorado with my husband when he joined the military. We are a camping family, and we have spent a lot of time outdoors at night, back home, throughout our childhood and as adults. I have seen the night sky over the Pacific NW my whole life. I am not against the idea of UFO's or ET's but I have not seen them either. However, I will say that I have seen satellites as well, and both my husband and myself agree that we have never seen a satellite move that fast with our own eyes - on ANY of the countless camping trips we have been on. I have never taken a laptop and tried to track anything either. But we have seen meteors (shooting stars) and satellites and nothing ever looked like what they showed on the episode of Paranormal State. But I would have to see it with my own eyes to completely believe what they were seeing. I'm sure that it is easy to make something seem like it is moving very quickly on camera. If I saw it myself I would believe it. Satellites, even the low lying ones - cannot move that fast - or change direction that quickly. But they do have a flickering glow that can get brighter when it picks up the reflection of the sun. If the glow were to continue, regardless of it's location in the sky...then it would be something to gawk at. I am definitely planning to camp in the area with my family the next time we go home to visit. :) And I happen to like Paranormal State as a show. It's more interesting than the rest of the garbage on TV these days.

Anonymous said...

You just dont know whats out there..what something capable believe we re the only life inthe universe is unrealistic.

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