Monday, September 29, 2008

Urgent call to action - save Youtube - stop the guy who destroyed Acebyran

Ok guys
I urgently need each and everyone of you guys to help out with this:
As you know, i have posted many times about how popular Ufo video posters are going down like flies on youtube (infact this happened to my account ufos2006). Apparently, guys this video explains the real culprit who got rid of Acebyran and many other high profile Ufo posters on youtube. Without your help (see how to help here) we won't be able to stop this guy and youtube will become a dull place for everyone:

According to this poster
An individual has been setting up dozens of fake and cloned YouTube accounts in order to discredit genuine truthseekers and to get their accounts suspended without due cause. This individual has made clones of my channel and has copied my videos, my channel artwork and my profile description. He has done the same to many other genuine YouTube users and has used these clone accounts to post racist and other offensive messages on peoples videos and to their inboxes. Rate this posting:

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