Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Politician and pilot spot see ufo in north Dublin & Meath ireland

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This is an extract from this amazing article on ufos recently seen in ireland.
Aired. If anyone has a link to the new footage mentioned please reply to this post.

filmed on a camera phone at 10.35pm on August 3 near Dunboyne was also played and replayed to over 70 delegates who attended the fifth Irish International UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon.

The triangular shaped image, with lights at each point, which appeared to send a red laser-type light towards earth, drew gasps of amazement from the 70 or so delegates who attended the world premiere of the footage.

A senior garda officer who was driving when he noticed the unusual light formation in the sky stopped to film it.

"There is no footage like this in the world. It is the most amazing and spectacular I have ever seen," said Carl Nally, co-founder of UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland and joint author of 'Conspiracy of Silence'.

Five days earlier, on July 29, an off-duty pilot who photographed lightning from Howth pier just after midnight later noticed what appeared to be a triangular-shaped object to the right of the lightning fork in the developed image.

And Fianna Fail Town Councillor in Trim, Jimmy Peppard, ran indoors for a camera on August 8 when he spotted a triangular-shaped object measuring "about a mile in diameter" in the sky, where it remained static for about half an hour.

"What we have here is sightings of three objects east, west and south-east of Dublin airport, each five days apart by reliable and trained observers and even since I have arrived here I have received another image from a pilot," Mr Nally told the conference.

He later described the laser beam footage as the best footage on the planet and said it would be shown all over the world. "This is what the sceptics are crying out for. What all this footage has in common is that trained observers, honest people, took it. What better could you get than a senior garda, a politician and a pilot," he said.

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Ca Society for Paranormal Research said...

Here are a few new posts on youtube-maybe these could be the footage.



Anonymous said...

Fer fick. C'mon. OK, I'll be patient and assume the footage will appear online in a couple days. Yes. Alright.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where this "great footage is? and why hasn't it been published at the time? please let us know...

Anna said...

You can see the great footage on Youtube. You should also know that this is a hoax!! The footage is real, in away. It was filmed in the US as part of Joshua P Annual UFO Experience. People make and fly UFO's and the whole event is taped. Besides being fun, it's also to gather information to help debunk fake UFO videos.

Anonymous said...

It was actually proven to simply be lanterns released into the skies at a Chinese wedding - yeah very E.T

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