Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Global Crisises - using the economy & Gaza to progress the New World Order in 2009

Guys bit off the ufo topic but still important...
Looking at the web bot predictions for 2009 , the recent tensions in Gaza with Israel may just be the tipping point for the progression of war type events as predicted in the build up to 2012. Also more disturbingly is the evolution of the NWO to capitalize or recent crisises including the economic downturn  and the recent Gaza Crisis .In this shocking interview Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger talks to MSNBC news about the situation inside Gaza and how Obama should take this opportunity to forge a New World Order:
A must watch ! -
Governments around the world confess their plans for a new world Order:

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Anonymous said...

New world order ! now what the hell is that supposed to mean ?
and who would benefit from it, you and me !
I doubt it !!!

Anonymous said...

Will stop this fear propanda the NWO will never happen!i am sick of peoples who believe every negativity and BS
of the internet.

Anonymous said...

NWO is not unlikely, it just won't consist of a group of men with the that carry a sign that says "NWO" and dressed like Darth Vader.

There's technically an NWO now and has been for a long time. It's simply this: A few rich, rich, rich, rich, rich men and their political puppets.. little more. Oh, and yes, world events are usually commenced by them. It's all money. K? Money.

Stop saying "It's coming" as though there'll be some Hollywood song and dance.

Anonymous said...

Money money money money money.

Anonymous said...

Also, this website is money. It's worth more every day, it gathers more and more advertising.. it's a good business. That being said, it keeps me entertained.

Anonymous said...

Matt, you really don't know shit from wet clay.

What NWO exactly? How about you enlighten us all as to what you understand the NWO to be.

It takes a really stupid person to mindlessly go along with all this conspiracy stuff, and it appears you fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a little harsh. It doesn't take a mindless idiot to believe conspiracy stuff. The problem is that a lot of what motivates people to believe in it is social isolation and paranoia etc. HOWEVER, there are good conspiracy theories that are well researched and deserve a little attention.

That being said, 98 % is crap I hate to say.

A lot of the time conspiracies are over simplifications. The NWO could exist in theory, the only thing is that it's members are not all darths running around with evil agendas. They're regular people in powers, who influence the world by twitching their pink finger. The important thing to remember is they need us as much as we need them.. So, don't act so powerless all the time.

Anonymous said...

WEB BOT!!! not this again, how many times does it have to be wrong until people stop reading its crap? almost a year ago it predicted a wold changing event that would be similar to 911... guess what... nothing happened that day, AT ALL, it was an amazingly boring day. I am sorry to say it but nothing or no one can see into the future.

Remember that hippie chick a few months back that predicted a UFO the size of the US would land in Arizona (explain that one) and give off vibrations of love?

2012 will be no different, just another boring day. But then again there will probably be a bunch of cult suicides because there are some stupid people out there that actually believed someone else could predict the future and/or knows what god wants us to do.

l2 said...

Down with the NWO!

Over my dead body!

Anonymous said...

N.W.O is about new mentality, new way off controlling, spreading democracy and freedom to other countrys. George Bush snr launched the N.W.O in 11/9-91 when he talked about the New world order to replace " jungle mentalitys ". Other religions and different ways of thinking. The N.W.O biggest problem is agressive "peace" policy. It dosent work. How can u create peace by bombing and invading??

A lot of people call conspiracy for mumbo jumbo, but the ones who judge have the same thing in common, u haven`t done ur homework.

The N.W.O is the beginning of our end as a realy free minded humanbeing. Now, people have traded their hart and soul to become a consuming passive insecure individual with "personal problems", so when u brake out off that path, u will find out that u dosen`t belong anywhere. Yes, ur soul is pissed on. U will see how fucked up things realy are in these days. It speaks for it self, like the history off American warfare the last 50 years.

War on TERROR is the reason for the financial crisis. When the financial part brakes down ( the murder of the American Dollar ) u will have the AMARO, welcome to the N.W.O...

Im not saying AMARO will happen, but if Canada and Mexico and Usa get togheter( just see the history of Europe ) dont get suprised, it happend in Europe...

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying that people thinking the NWO coming is like the "world ending".. the big bang of our modern life. The thing is, it happens so gradually it's hard to notice. So, sure, the NWO may have been around since 91 (and maybe not), but people have to stop waiting for a single defining event. It won't happen.

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