Monday, January 12, 2009

The Las Vegas UFO Crash 1962

On April 18, 1962 a Very strange UFO was seen in the sky by thousands of people as it traveled above many different States in North America.Very few of the crash/retrieval stories take place on a military reservation. The vast Nellis complex is the one location where it seems a flying saucer crashed right into government and air force hands - The UFO originated from somewhere in the sky near Cuba varied in speed during it's flight path and was tracked by multiple Radar Stations. Air Defense Command supposedly watched the object for several hours and did scramble Jet Fighters from two locations to intercept the UFO. The object was reportedly seen high up in the sky over Oneida, New York and further sighting reports from different states confirmed the object was traveling to the west. read more article source
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Anonymous said...

Good report. A minimum of fluff. Just the facts.

AboveTopSecrets said...

this is easynow from Above Top Secret and this was written by me for the members of that site.

if you are going to copy my words at least make a link to where you found it. thanks

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