Friday, January 09, 2009

Nick Pope talks about the Ufo that damaged Windmill turbine in the UK

Former UK ministry of Defense officer Nick pope talks about the UFo that destroyed a wind turbine in Conisholme UK on the 5th of january.. and yes where did the missing propeller go?
According to Nick pope:

THIS could be one of the most significant UFO incidents for years.
If something collided with the wind turbine — as seems certain — there may be residue on the damaged parts that could help solve this mystery.
In the last few months there have been two near-collisions between UFOs and police helicopters — and now this.
There’s a public safety issue here, whatever you believe about
UFOs. The Ministry of Defence’s standard line on UFOs isn’t good enough. The MoD and the Civil Aviation Authority need to investigate as a matter of urgency.... 

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good article,

There is something fishy about this that´s fore sure. Saw those yellow orbs once myself. There where 6 of them suddenly in the nightly sky. Lot´s of people stpped there cars. The six bright yellow dot´s just floated arround en then faded out one by one. I did report it to a ufo report site, some peoplewho stand next to me when we saw these orbs confirmed my story and there where lots of people who filmed these orbs that night. But only some drunk teenage from a local camping site where interviewed by these so called ufo specialist. Allthough I saw the appearing and disappearing en some other strang thing the fading of the moon for a fraction of a second and the rest of the sighting have been confirmed by other people on the ufo report site, this so called ufo specialist only mentioned that these are Ufo balloons. Well I can tell you ufo balloons are not appearing in the sky at once like someone who flash a light on and don´t hoover in different directions in differend speeds at the same hights. So I think, local media and (some) ufo sites are covering up the truth!

For more then a year now I do some research on the internet and was stunned how often these yellow, red and white orbs have been seen by people all over the world even in ancient times and I am sure these are the diamond shaped ufo´s.
You can see the movies people make of these diamond shaped ufo´s on youtube. Sometimes they are blueish but the most filmed and mentioned orbs are yellow like natrium lights. When people zoom in on them they appear to be diamond shaped.
These are not ufo balloons nor anything else. Especialy the media explains them in the most ridiculous way.

Sorry for my bad english.

The Netherlands

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