Monday, January 05, 2009

Predictions for 2009 - the official new web bot forecast is in !

Coast To Coast radio recently featured the web bot team in their Annual "Predictions Show" which included their official forecast for 2009. If you haven't heard of it before the web bots are a scientific way of predicting future events using computers to scour thousands of bits of data from the Internet (see below video to learn more). They have had many accurate predictions , including September 11, hurricane Katrina, the tsunamis and the recent economic collapse, often down to the correct date as well.

You may want to bookmark and read through the summary forecast notes for 2009(or just watch the video summary of the notes below). The notes give a general forecast for the months ahead in 2009. I am not going to spoil it yet so you need to read the notes yourself.

Overall here a few interesting extracts from the forecast notes:

2009 is the “Year of Transformation” Take a snapshot of where you were today and your life situation is likely to be significantly different by year end – to be changed
by this year’s pending events.

Possible economic collapse of USA due to additive impacts of the socioeconomic contract breakdown
�� Housing bubble collapse
�� Debt instrument bubble collapse
�� Possible repudiation of the US dollar
�� Global Coastal Event
�� “Secrets revealed” start to pour out of NASA and political offices
�� End of the ‘comfortable high tech/high consumption’ lifestyle and an involuntary return to lifestyle of previous generations

Future historians are likely to see ‘economic dislocations’ and a ‘fuzzy revolution’ as the highlights of the year. This will peak over what’s described as the ‘summer of hell’ globally.
�� U.S. government will begin to collapse. Perhaps not in head count, but with revenues falling dramatically, 30-40% decreases in government size & services seem likely by year end.
�� Two waves of ‘whistle-blowers’ are expected. The first as the Bush administration leaves office may focus on purported misdeeds/abuses while a second set of whistleblower cases is expected in the May-June period as massive change comes to NASA, JPL, and highly placed military personnel who may face job impacts due to the economy bouncing around

Just what are the web bots?
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Anonymous said...

bring it on! anything is better than this! constant change is the only constant in universe. we have been kept the same a very long time!

Anonymous said...

I dont get it, how can people believe in this stuff? the machine is almost always wrong and yet people still think it can see into the future. Its creators say that it can see and predict future event. just think about that for a sec.

dixie walton said...

Finally, everthing that has been prophsied in the bible is coming true!!Right down to the one world order, and Kissenger said on Cnbc they are grooming obama , to be the pres. Now the ets will show themselves and everyone that is not a christen, will believe they are Gods!!Watch!!

Anonymous said...

All one need do is look into the work of Edgar Cayce,William Cooper,David Icke,Phillip Schenider,and a whole host of others to recognize what is and is not. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.We only see in a small area of the light spectrum,does this mean other forms of light are nonexistant? Certainly not , but then how do you really know unless you have tested it for self. We are programmed from birth what to accept and what not to accept. Please see the hypnotist Mesmer's work. To the dreamer ,the dream is just as real as the waking state. All so called external stimuli isn't real until it is processed and decoded by the brain and then perceived to be reality by the observer. One need only change the location of the point of observation to gain a new reality. Time and space are an illusion. See the work from Dr. Melvin Morse. Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead.Seek information on the near death experience,or do nothing, but do not condem ,or dismiss without testing for self. it is my wish the good karma follow you all.

anyone said...

JP is gay

Anonymous said...

Bullshit!!!!Again it is proved that the Americans are crap idiots. These aliens can only be seen in America. Concentrate more on making this type of fake stories.Be your eyes open till December 21, 2012 "DUMBASS"

Joshua said...

By going into societies unconsciousness, i just dont know about all that, I just dont think anything is going to happen at 2012 except for pestilence, death and war, complete Revelation but i am pretty sure we all have heard this before

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