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leonardo asimov said...

The correct name of the city in Colombia is Pereira, wich is the capital of the state of Risaralda. The beautiful girl is a journalist in TV. Pereira is placed on the cofee zone in the midle of the mountains.(Andes that is a very seismic zone)
The object looks simmilar than others we saw in videos from different countries.

Dr Reason said...

The image here is NOT a "diamond" shaped UFO - and neither is it in most of the videos like this - the diamond thats the effect of the CCD in the camera. The image is not resolved to be meaningful.

Similar effects can be seen when the camera struggles to focus, resulting in an image that looks like a "orb" which is an artifact of the aperture mechanism in the camera:


However, in this case there appear to be FAA strobe lights at the exact periods you'd expect for a helicopter or plan are clearly visible and strobe regularly.

Its time we had some more interesting footage - too many badly filmed random lights in the sky assumed to be other worldly which is preposterous conjecture.

This is site is great, and there may be some interesting cases, but 99% are explainable....

Top tip for Ufo seekers: Try holding the camera steady or us something solid to hold it against so it can focus ;-)

Top tip for video editors: unimpressive titles and dodgy inserts from cartoons or movies or awful bombastic soundtrack overlays tend to make your films as about credible as OJ Simpson's testimony.

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