Monday, January 31, 2011

RealUfos wants to hear from You

Hi All,

Just some good news that im back here blogging daily again at RealUfos.
I have a request to our readers from all over the world. As you may know the rate and quantity of Ufo reports has increased exponentially over the last year making our job here a realUfos a busy one !
With better quality recording the genuine sightings get better but over the years so have clever fakes .
So If you personally film Ufo or see a great report or video please submit it using the submit link above on the website along with some detail , we need dates and times and as sources,  this will allow myself and my co-editor the chance to review your report and provide better posts here on the site.
Ive been reminded to stick to quality not quantity so we are paying attention to

Keep you eyes to the Skies
Over and out
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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back at the helm,...Captain!
All ahead full!!.......

we haven't been on auto have we...?

Anonymous said...

if you do this, isnt there a chance your going to turn into another DicloseTV? The reason I started using your site was to get away from the drivel on that site.

Hope it works out though as this is the No.1 site for UFO information imo ;)

Anonymous said...

Matt!...If you shift into gear,

we might move!...? zzz

JMonsell said...

Haven't seen anything unusual in the skies recently, but then again, I live in Los Angeles where lights in the sky are not uncommon.
However, my first UFO sighting back in Connecticut inspired me to eventually create my own webcomic on the subject matter:

Anonymous said...

holy crap.

new ufo sighting over Jerusalem is the most convincing video i've seen. there is also a video floating around that synchronizes the UFO from different cameras and angles. PLEASE post something about it.

wheelchairs said...

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