Friday, July 15, 2011

UFO report from Rafaela Argentina July 2011

New ufo report in from Rafaela Argentina

They were recording a child dancing when a strange object appeared in the sky. When they noticed the object's presence, the young women began shouting. "It's a flying saucer" according to a local resident. They claim nothing like this had ever happened to them before.

Two women in the north end of Rafaela claim having recorded a strange object toward the sun exactly as they were recording the youngest brother of one of the women as he danced around.

"I was very scared," said one of the girls to a local news station, and her words subsequently appeared in Rafaela's Diario Uno. A strange object is visible in the video, which appears behind the figure of the dancing boy.

The girls began to shout as soon as they noticed the object. A neighbor said: "it's a flying saucer."

One of the young women stated that she has taken photos in the same way and pointing in the same direction, but that nothing similar had ever happened before. "I believe in these things, but I don't know."
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Anonymous said...

I love the sun too. But I don´t think that we should worship the sun this way. But let´s not film the sun directly. It is not good for the lense, as you might saw on the video.

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