Friday, July 15, 2011

UFO over Michigan July 13, 2011

Ufo light over Michigan:

2:37 AM 13 JULY 2011. Witness: Went to my music studio from my home, went to get a few studio items then on way back in looked up and seen 3 bright (orange/yellow) objects. one large, other two half size of big object. The two small objects were going up to the big object, two times, then kinda freaked out then went in house, got my Canon EOS LSR pro camera and video cameral along with my parents. The three of us watched the two small objects go up to the big object many times, they flickered a bit and after 20 mins they all went away. No way were the objects, fireworks, flars, or known craft. They were ball type at my point of view... Our studio house ranch is out in the country and on a hill, we view the Jordan Valley clea
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Anonymous said...

I think these are Chinese lanterns. They flicker as a candle flame would and they also have the soft golden halo around the flame. Al-edged UFO's give off a very intense,bright,constant light and sometimes strobe or pulsate. They don't normally appear to be flickering unless they are very high up or very far away. These appear to have been at a low altitude as lanterns tend to fly and were video tape at a fairly close range. So the flickering makes me more suspicious its a lantern. Seeing more than 1 object could be because often 2 or more are tied together with long leads before they're let loose. This keeps them grouped together and appears like a squadron flying in formation. Reporting them as UFO's is a very common mistake.

Anonymous said...

these things look more unmaned drones from the army to me...Testflights

Anonymous said...

I'd bet my house on these being Chinese lanterns.

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