Sunday, July 31, 2011

Further news on the UFO crash at Flagler Beach Florida

Further news report bout the Ufo over Flagler Beach Florida.
If anyone has further feedback on this sighting please respond to this post.
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Anonymous said...

In 2011, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, the best time to watch meteors is late July and early August. Nights are warm, and two major showers – the Delta Aquarid meteor shower and the Perseid meteor shower – converge to put on a show. Watch in the first week of August to have moonless skies from midnight to dawn, the best time of night for watching meteors. This week (July 24-29), the moon is waning in the predawn sky, but it’s a slim moon, not casting much light, and some meteors might show up in its glare.
Some little meteors come through,some not.
Meteor Showers

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