Friday, August 05, 2011

Ufo found - Canadian Defense Memo

post in progress.. Taken from the Canadian governments Ufo files

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Anonymous said...

Suggestion!?...Could this "metal fragment" be part of a cloaking device technology,for bending light around an object,rendering it invisible,to the eye.Maybe not!
Just sharing a thought!

Anonymous said...

it's a piece from a satellite. sorry

Anonymous said...

If its known, to be a piece from a satellite,then that would make it TRIVIAL to this site!! sorry

Anonymous said...

I put some ice in my microwave and it disappeared. How freaky is that.
It vanished along with my plasma screen and laptop.

Anonymous said...

So what was the conclusion of the lab? We need the whole story before jumping to conclusions one way or the other....

Anonymous said...

To the 4th.COMMENT:

ice disappearing in the Microwave
could be Normal!..BUT your plasma screen & laptop, TOO!?.."Hallooo!?"

Yes! of cause your right:)

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