Monday, August 01, 2011

Ufos or lanterns over Köln Germany 30.07.2011?

Strange triangle formation of lights over Köln Germany.
Yes they could easily be lanterns but you never know. Your comments appreciated on this one.
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Anonymous said...

Solche Laternen müssen bei der stadt Köln angemeldet werden. Können also keine sein.

In Germany you have to declare these Lanterns.
You cannot send some Lanterns just for FUN in the Sky.....NO WAY.Atherwise you become trouble like a muddi with Kochlöffel on your ass.

Stephanefrench said...

I see the same thing in France at Paris in show music outdoors
" SOLIDAYS " the 25 june .
Peoples with me say it's lantern for Irish party .

Randall said...

A few years ago, in pinellis county, Fla., some friends and I saw similar red orbs floating in a triangle patterns in the sky. the 3 red orbs seemed to move towards each other, and then there appeared to be a large explosion of red light. after the burst of light, the orbs seemed to reappear in their original positions, only to repeat the act. my friends young sister began to cry, believing there was a hurricane or tornado coming. of course, we knew that those lights did not signify a natural event, and to this day we are unsure what those lights were, what they signified, and have no reasonable explanations for this event.

Anonymous said...

Stay on the Road and don`t tell about Lanterns. In The City of Köln are no such declares_--or just show this de...

greats from Germany

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