Friday, August 05, 2011

Flares or not ?

A reader sent me this video recently. I am almost sure there are flares but i would like to know your opinion flares or not?:
I am still waiting on the location details but it was apparently just filmed.
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Bathtub said...

The user's YT profile suggests this was shot in South Shields in north-east England.
If these are flares, the question is who set them off. S Shields is on the coast, but I can't find any reports of incidents at sea: other than that or a military exercise (unlikely in this location) they would have to have been set off illegally - they're banned in the UK for other purposes.
Night-time skydivers - again, I can't find any reports of this in the area.

Shel Wagner Rasch said...

flares !

Anonymous said...

i didn't think flares remained stationary...hmmm

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