Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ufo lights ? Hong Kong China 30-Jul-20

Fast forward at about 1.38 into this video you see a series of blinking lights - Is it a Ufo? Who knows what the lights are?. If you like in Hong Kong and spotted these lights we would like to hear further from you.
Recorded in the night sky above Hong Kong in China on Saturday, 30th July 2011 around 11 pm
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steve brown said...

I have been doing a lot research on UFO'S, the greatest sightings that I have found were 7/11 over mexico, and again over mexico in 2004. The UFO's on both occasions returned to a base in the south Pacific, on or near Antarctica. Wikileaks is even getting in on Antarctica, so you know something is going on down there! It really is some interesting stuff!

Anonymous said...

When they see the UFO again, have an RC helicopter ready:

Go and view the UFO up close and possibly attach itself to the UFO!!

Anonymous said...

More lanterns.... I guess I'm gonna have to leave your site. I've been with you for some time but if this is all your gonna show it's not UFO news anymore.sorry...

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