Monday, September 19, 2011

UFO hovering near helicopter ? Carroll County Maryland

We would like to know if anyone knows more about this apparent ufo sighting over Carroll County, Maryland?

Posters comments:
According to the person who made the video shows a triangle-shaped UFO hovering above Carroll County, Maryland, on the evening of Friday, November 12, 2010.
The video also shows a helicopter distance and keeping watch on the triangular object. Note the lack of flashing lights in triangular object FAA.
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Anonymous said...

It's a house in the distance. The lights are flood lights on the corners and peak of the house. The helicopter is filming a SWAT training exercise in the area and the explosion is from the training exercise.
There is the story

Anonymous said...

This video has been proven to be of terrestrial origins

Anonymous said...

What was that loud sound?

Anonymous said...

Does the sound of the helicopter
speak for itself!? or did it get a bit close for her............?

Randall said...

I'm confused.......I just did a youtube search with the words "UFO Carroll County Maryland"

I found the same video dated Nov. 2010 with over 14,000 views.

Anonymous said...

seems to be a army training

Michael said...

Yea that explanation's all well & good, but i don't buy that the woman filming was trying to keep the lights on a house in frame while referring to them as "it". None of what's being shown in the video makes since in correlation to this so-called "official" explanation. Call me what you will, but this sort of evidence has been tactically covered up by the government/military for as long as UFO evidence has been documented. It's easy for people to just take it & say "well it must be true then" because a few people found a link on google that says this was a misinterpretation & forget about it; that's precisely why the US government & military get away w/these ridiculous explanations, why mainstream science doesn't acknowledge the phenomena as legitimate, & MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of people are afraid to admit that they've had a UFO experience in public; because people take the 1st lame-ass explanation available as undeniable proof to the contrary belief in ET/UFO evidence & run w/it & any alternative theory's automatically dismissed as silly nonsense.

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