Friday, November 09, 2012

Appealing For Help - December 1997, Sydney UFO Mystery.

When this thing first appeared, it had the appearance of a 'street light', which was oddly higher than the surrounding 'street lights' (this is what caught the observers attention). As they looked at the bar of light, it suddenly contracted, looking more like a 'bright star'. 

Then they noticed that it was moving, climbing higher into the clear night sky (seemingly from the foot of the mountains) - they thought then that it was probably a Hercules from the Richmond RAAF base, (some thirty kilometers to the north) conducting night manoeuvrings. It was around this time that another witness arrived from her work (she is a nurse at the local hospital and her shift ended at ten to midnight, which enabled the witnesses to give their sighting an approximate time). 

 At that time, only one of the ten witnesses, had noticed the anomaly and was briefly convinced that it was a Hercules on night manoeuvrings; until they realized that there was no sound and no strobe lights and the thing was moving slowly at that point. After a few minutes, another member of the gathering observed the first witness studying this ball of light and inquired after what it was that had them captivated? When asked for their opinion of the light, they at first dismissed it as a star, until it was bought to their attention that it was moving. They then became intrigued by the 'oddity' and started puzzling over it. It wasn't long before their wife observed their interest in the moving ball of light and when pressed for her opinion, she too dismissed it as a star. When she was made aware that it was moving, she immediately suggested that it was a helicopter (but was answered with 'no strobes, no noise') and then she suggested that it was a satellite, but it was too low and too slow...and then she too was captivated by the mysterious light and it was 'she' who suddenly exclaimed 'Look...there's two of them?" Another ball of light was slowly rising into the night sky from lower on the horizon. By now others in the group of ten started to take an interest in the happening, yard lights were extinguished, all sources of peripheral sound was silenced (all that could be heard was the distant barking of dogs and the slight rustle of gum leaves being stirred by a night breeze) and they all watched as these two lights moved slowly eastward, one slightly higher than the other (positioned at forty five degrees to one another as they moved)

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