Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween Sighting - El Cajon, California: 31/10/2012

This highly interesting vertical series of lights, was seen over El Cajon, California.
RealUFOs would like to hear from other people in the area, who also saw these strange lights.

Mufon report:
Me and my sister were on our way home from a piano class on Wednesday October 31, 2012 (Halloween night). I was driving east on freeway 8 around 8:50pm. As I was approaching Main St. exit I saw a straight line of blue lights in the sky. 
To begin with, Ive had many UFO sighting. I always look up at the sky especially if there are any obvious strange lights. I had to look twice when I saw these lights. 
I had to quickly pull over on the side of the freeway (after almost crashing because of the sighting). And for safety reasons it was the best thing to do. 
I started to record this event. I sat in my car for about an hour and fifteen minutes. As I observed these lights I noticed at first there was almost a pattern to the lights. They were blinking on and off. Then I noticed this line started to move altogether side to side but very quietly. Watching it move was a different experience. I cannot explain it. There was absolutely no noise. But above these lights I saw a small round object. This object was very small compared to the line of lights that i had seen. This object had no lights and no noise. It was just there right above the line of lights. My first reaction to seeing these lights is, "Its a UFO it has to be." As it started to become foggy I was no longer able to see the small object but the lights remained put. 
My camera was able to capture a fair image of this event. I do not know what the distance was from where I was at to where the lights were. From what I saw it was a good view and these lights were pretty high in the sky. My sister being my witness was also able to identify what I was seeing. What I have on video are my true feelings. I hope I am not mistaken.
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Anonymous said... ET.mimicking the traffic on your freeway? going in a straight line! to catch your attention,I wonder!? its like saying,we can see you all down there, hi!:)...........

Anonymous said...

Maybe just a bunch of stick lights hanging from a helium baloon. Low-tech fake.

Anonymous said...

It was fake. They found the origin and the man that was responsible. Apparently he spent $300.00 making the contraption. Oh well. Until the next one..

Anonymous said...

Win some,Loose some!:)keep your eye to sky,for fake..........

Anonymous said...

I saw it too! A co-worker was picking up anoter coworker for the next shift at el cajont trolley station when they noticed it and when she returned she was so frightened and told me about it. When i got off at 11pm, i drove to el cajon tolley station fr myself and sure enough there were 9 flashing lights in the sky about 50-100 yards high. They were a kind of lite flourescent blue in a vertical line and it was faint because of the fog. They were moving slightly side to side. I was pretty creepy

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