Monday, January 14, 2013

MUFON flooded with UFO reports over Michigan after news report

All eyes on Michigan as MUFON is flooded with a wave of UFO sightings from the state especially in Detroit - Many people are saying the recent UFO has been flying low enough to spot the triangular shape. Could it simply be a military drone? Some think not as no sound was heard. We urge all people who have seen a UFO in the state to first report it to MUFON here and reply to this post.

Recent MUFON reports:
Southfield Detroit 12th Jan 2013 
 I was driving down telegraph when I saw an object not far up in the sky. At first I thought it was a fighter, but then I realized it didnt have the lights a normal plane had and it wasnt moving. It was very low in the sky, low enough to recognize the shape. I wouldve stopped, but being unfamiliar with the area, I wasnt sure if it was safe. Im certain there are more witnesses to this event. 
Grand Rapids (near Lake Michigan) October 2012
 Event 3 of 4 - 13Oct12 - at about 00:15, witness (A) went back outside to see if anything else was happening (ref case 43210), he was looking northeast into the sky. He saw a few meteors streaking by, but one caught his eye. The object moved from the high east, 80 degrees elevation, was streaking towards the north and down. As it came down it stopped, did a loop and went back in the direction it came from but without a streak. It was too far away for physical details and only lasted a few seconds but it was shocking. He only mentions this object because it is the reason he saw the fourth surprising event.
Mt. Pleasant Michigan 2012-10-05
was walking to a friends house at around 7:59 PM. I saw a star like object moving unusually fast across the northern sky. Way to fast to be a plane. It was too bright to be a satellite. It was in the north sky, moving from west to east. It took a sharp turn, and then began to head north. I first thought the object was a plane, but it was moving way too fast. I couldnt believe how fast it was moving. Then, I saw it take a very rapid turn and went north. I lost sight of the object as it was behind the tree line and buildings
Romulus  Metro Detroit 21 12 2012:
 Me and my friend where driving to my house to drop me off, we where just talking like usual about how it was the "end of the world day" for fun just joking around. When out of the corner of my right field of vision i noticed a extremely bright flash that drew my attention to the sky. Me and my friend both looked over because we where pretty surprised by the bright flash that lit up the entire sky for a brief moment. At this point I asked my friend if he seen the event and he said "hell yes".
When i looked at the area of the sky that was lit up i noticed a extremely bright multi colored spinning/pulsating light above the cloud cover. Living next to the metro airport almost my entire life I could tell anyone with 100% honesty that I had never seen any sort of light from a plane or any type of flying vehicle ever in my 26 years of living. Nothing has ever been that bright even when close up to it, and this object was hovering in the cloud cover directly over the metro airport. My initial feeling was "you have got to be kidding me, this type of thing does not happen to people you know". This event lasted for approximately 15-30 seconds then faded out. The light was a mixture of white and very faded blue and purple. Almost like it was a spectrum of light that was combined into a quickly changing color scheme. Sadly i never got to see the object itself only the glow of the spinning/pulsating effect it had. 
A few different emotions where running through my mind at this time: excitement *I had always wanted to witness something like that*, curiosity *I have been interested in this area for almost 10 years at this point*, fear *its was dec. 21 2012 the supposed end of the world according to the mayan countdown calender*, and surprise * i was genuinely amazed that i was able to witness this even*. And this is where it gets better. After the first event faded out and went away me and my friend where just shocked at what we had just seen and we didnt speak to each other for at least 1 full minute *it doesnt seem like a long time to you but at that moment it felt like hours* then we began to talk racing over each others sentences with excitement and amazement. About 2-3 mins down the road talking to each other the event happened again and this time it didnt just light up the right field of vision for both of us it lit up the entire sky all around us.
 This is when we both immediately went quiet and gave each other that WTF look. 
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Lorenzo Young said...

May 25, 2013 in Romulus , MIl., me and 12 other witnesses saw four bright lights hovering at about 8,000 feet at 10:30 p.m.. They flew in a perfect patter for five minutes and then disappeared. One came back out of the clouds for one minute and then disappeared.

Ginger Littler said...

June 21st,2013 - 10:30pm on Beech Daly near Wick in Taylor,MI. I watched 1 yellow & red orb travel south to north, then 200-400 ft behind it came 5 more(at that I PULLED off the road & rolled down window- no engine sound). As they passed me, a 7th one came from about 400 ft behind the 5 orbs and appeared to be traveling a bit faster and in a straight line toward the 5 as if attempting to 'catch up'. They all had purposeful movement that made it appear to me as if they were being individually 'driven' in a specific direction. It gave the impression of a group of people say "out on bicycles on a little sightseeing excursion". ONE WAY OUT front showing off his ' expertise' at driving his vehicle, the 5 staying in their group & one trying to catch up.


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