Monday, January 14, 2013

Strange UFO Lights over Detroit - did you see them? January11th 2013

Reports that strange triangular UFO crafts have been seen in the skies over Detroit this week have made the news.
A mass of reports have also been happening in other areas in Michigan and states such as Florida and Indianapolis. Facebook, twitter and many social media pages have been flooded with people talking about a wave of Ufo sightings in the state of Michigan. We at RealUfos would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed these sightings in these areas to reply to this post with your report!
Apparently these objects are not part of the military and no one knows what they are.

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Joseph Capp said...

I am a MUFON member and that was a very stupid explanation from MUFON. If the details don't fit the sightings than your explanation is wrong - Drones - nonsense - secret planes give me a break Unidentified flying objects is exactly what they were. MUFON likes to look overly cautious but sometimes they look foolish to the UFO community. Many of the members of the UFO agree with me on this.
Joe Capp
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