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Incredible triangle UFO over Chandler Arizona 12th January 2013

The amazing triangle UFO was filmed hovering over Chandler Arizona on the 12th January 2013.
If you live in the area and also spotted these lights please respond to this post.

Filmers comments (Mufon)
I pulled in to a strip mall for a band gig at Fibber Magees and saw an odd triangle of starlike lights in the sky from my car as I parked and glanced out my window. I stargaze so I am always looking at the sky at night and bright starlike objects get my attention as I look for venus or Jupiter or marvel over aircraft that occasionally look like stars. This pattern of lights was odd to me. It was traveling very slowly West to East. There were no flashing lights or spotlights like urban aircraft would have and no additional lights became visible like with some craft as its angle changed passing over. I immediately started taking phone video which is attached. It was totally silent and in the same triangle shape the whole time. There is no variation in the position of the lights even when scrubbing the video I took fast forward and backward.
Distance was hard to estimate but it was below a low lying cloud layer with lots of moving mist in the air. Possibly 300 feet but maybe as much as 1000. Couldnt tell at any time with my eyes if it was one big thing with lights or 3 small things in perfect formation because there was nothing but black background. The lights had a gentle flickering appearance like the flame in floating lanterns or like the mist in the air was creating a star like twinkle as it/they moved. The triangle shape stayed so perfect and unchanging that it seemed unlikely that it was a formation of free floating objects like balloons with lights or remote controlled aircraft in formation. I thought possibly a high formation of aircraft in the v shape but the lights were very vivid and bright when in front of me and quickly got too small for my camera to resolve after moving West and over the buildings. That indicated smaller, closer, lights to me. 
The triangle shape also became distorted as it moved away becoming squashed almost to a straight line. This indicates a radical perspective change to me, which also suggests something closer. It was far too big to be a kite or hang glider with lights. It was also too big to be a close aircraft with that large a triangle of lights without being heard. The video looses the lights at the end but to my eyes it never vanished or made any sudden moves. It just slowly, silently, flew past like a formation of floating lanterns until the dots of light were too small for the phones image chip to resolve anymore. I saw it with my eyes for another minute or so before it finally traveled behind the buildings. Total time from seeing it till it was gone, maybe 3 minutes. There is a curious frame of video in the 1:54 area where a new point of light appears for 1 video frame, but it could be a video compression distortion. In retrospect I probably should have chased it, but I was due on stage for a show and I was feeling the pressure and I was not completely convinced that it was aliens or whatever. . . it just seemed like something odd that I should get on tape for documentation. I still cant explain it though. If you have any ideas about what this might be I would love to hear them.
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Anonymous said...

"Incredible" much of NOTHING and darkness with 3 dots. pfffffffffffff

its 2013

Anonymous said...

I think its great. Thanks for showing us what u saw too bad u didn't follow don't listen to ther idiot every piece of evidence is important and every experience relevant.thanks

Anonymous said...

I saw the very same effect in Utah in September of 1998. I don't recall the day. It was late in the evening and I was out walking and specifically looking up at the sky or I'm sure I wouldn't have seen it. The similarity to your video is quite striking. It took me right back to that night. I have been telling friends about it for years

Anonymous said...

...to continue the Utah 1998

It was north of Salt Lake City over the city of Bountiful moving southward toward downtown. I thought at the time that it must be three hot air balloons moving in a precise formation because there was no sound at all. If pressed to decide I would have told you it was an enormous triangle flying at a very high altitude, because the lights were scarcely brighter than stars. I'm certain that it could have continued south to fly directly over Salt Lake without a soul noticing it.

It was very very similar to what I see on your video. Only a precise isosceles triangle when passing directly overhead.

I too would like to hear other opinions

Mike Harden said...

So what are those three dots Anonymous at the top? Why are they there, what are they. Scoff at it all you like, but think logically and see what pops out.

Mike Harden said...

So what are those three dots Anonymous at the top? Why are they there, what are they. Scoff at it all you like, but think logically and see what pops out.

Cosmo cosmic connection said...

Occurred : 9/8/2002 23:13 (Entered as : 09/08/02 23:13)
Reported: 9/9/2002 8:24:04 PM 20:24
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Fallon, NV
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 seconds Fallon Triangle seen by Ufo Television Talk Show Host

Sept. 8 2002 11:13 pm While outside having a smoke I was looking north of 1880 Auction Rd when I saw a dark shadow of substance dimly lit hugh craft fly by at about 1000 feet. This craft traveled west down Williams Ave with no running lights but dimmly lit light nodes were seen but they were Not Lit. The nodes were in the shape of the whole craft, triangle. Estimate amount of speed I would say 20 mph or faster. No noise was associated with the craft. I was completely surprised of this event and said why me. I have hosted a Ufo Television talk show for ten years of which Mr. Davenport has been a guest many times. I believe this was the true and real triangle craft. It was so completely unexpected yet there it was so close and so huge. I did not see a leading edge or rear of craft I just saw a triangle from the side and bottom of the ship. The sky was clear and about 70 degrees.


Gal Root said...

Two triangles (3 lights each) on March 14th 2013 - Israel. About an hour and a half. Took photos too.

Colt Stallion said...

Very interesting vid. Alot of triangular ufos have that exact light formation, the 3 small twinkling ones at each point, the other of course being the 3 huge lights on the tips, and the slightly off centered red or amber light in the middle which sometimes blinks.

Anonymous said...

Many bad aliens live in the high building (~50 fl.), some decoration around the top. Near Time Square?

7 giant UFOs, ~10 km long. will perform the next Exodus at the top major cities. No disc type, but funny design which can make U smile or laugh.

The last saviour

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