Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UFO Sightings in Victoria, B.C.Canada January 14, 2013

Many people in Victoria, B.C. have reported seeing strange objects and lights in the sky in the last week. The UFOs have been sighted all over the Vancouver Island area and in Washington State as well.
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Anonymous said...

Prooved as FAKE

Nell186 said...

Proved as fake? When?

Anonymous said...

"Proved as fake" we are now blithely told by a common Terrestrial Entity! (TE) - THAT is not news at all! - The typical brainwashed comatose turnip reactions are foregone conclusions always from these type of beings!
For those more enlightened TE's, check out the undeniable cystal clear footage of orbs seen in broad daylight over central London on the same day in different locations - including Tower Bridge, by a bunch of Tourists on 24th June 2011. This exact type are now constituting a virtual pandemic all over the world. Our 'clever' governments are very soon going too be FORCED into explanations by sheer weight of public indignation, for being treated like ignorant sheeple!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see that the same campaign of disinformation, which was real back in the 1940, as proven from declassified documents from the FBI and other government agencies, is still enforced by this Anonymous comment saying here Prooved as FAKE when this is coming from a genuine Vancouver Island report from CTV. I live on Vancouver Island and can validate this report. The only thing that is FAKE on this page is you Anonymous with your FAKE comment without anything to back it up. Give it up! Over 50% of the US population believes in UFOs, like 150 Millions. Wake up people! Campaigns of disinformation are past gone. It's time to educate and prepare the people for what is coming. Mass sightings might also indicate a potential future disaster in the area in concern, Victoria. I had many visions of a massive earthquake and tsunamis in full detail happening in 2013. So, time will tell, of course and dates are not my thing. Space/Time can be bent, so while the event still will occur, I won't put a definite date to it. But at the end, there is no secret. Recent studies showed that there will be a mega thrust-Earthquake in the 50 years on the West coast. Thousands of people have seen it in visions too, clairvoyants or not.

Anonymous said...

ok, Mr. Anonymous, is this supposed to be enlightening? To me it's not. By the way, can anyone explain why I'm always so calm whenever I see a UFO? It seems to me that, whenever I see a UFO, a wave of calm will sweep over me. Sometimes, Im so calm, I just cant explain. it, but I wave to the thing, and it seems to see me. Sorry if this is confusing, its just true that I have felt extremely calm.

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