Monday, January 14, 2013

New Ancient Aliens Destination.Orion

Why were ancient civilizations around the world so focused on the Orion constellation? While scientists site many earthly connections, researchers suggest this point in the night sky may have been a so-called Stargate, or entry point, for alien life forms. If extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, might they have originated from the Orion Nebula?
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, keep them coming pls.

Anonymous said...

Whom better, than ancient civilizations; who have WITNESSED ancient aliens, from elsewhere....
leave there knowledge in "Clay Tablets"and in the:"STONE of Time"

It is, like a time Capsule of information, for the future generations,that have been,and have
gone,many times!? on into the future, to: HERE & NOW!!

Are we ready???..."to understand"
To Heed the warning of what is to come; "The return of GOD"..s...??

The return of the OVERLORD..s in "time and space" since it seems that is what they pass through
Dimensionally!? to get here from afar.

Why do we ask the question?

Might the Extraterrestrial have originated from the: Orion Nebula in that Constellation,when ancient
civilization around the world are so focused on this area.They are
telling us this,of their history!!

Of cause things might have changed
in all this time gone by!?

An agreement is only as good as the one who doesn't break it,or the
ones who keeps it!?

For example: a major controntation
leading to Extraterrestrial WAR!
between ETs.could change everything
While we here on Earth, are waiting
patiently for their return, while this planet is being occupied by other ETs.from elsewere,in amongst us,its said!! the ballgame might have changed,so to speak!! but our past can still be a guideline to where the future is going, and hopefully, not to repeat our failures of the past:).............

Anonymous said...

I sometimes stare off into the distance, and hear strange words. The wierd thing is... they seem to come from the sky!

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