Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UFO Sighting in Amherst, Massachusetts January 10, 2013

On January 8, 2013, many people in Amherst, Massachusetts witnessed a diamond-shaped craft hovering 75-100 above the ground. Story aired January 10, 2013
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DrVeee said...

What is a possible UFO sighting?
It is an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) until it is Identified Yes ???

Anonymous said...

no Video from the OBJECT? = FAKE

Anonymous said...

To DrVeee:.....YES!!..TRUE!!

But!...People still call the "identified!"... (a UFO)

CRAZY eeh!:)so now, just call it a RealUfo............:)

Anonymous said...

kaikki on amerikalaisia härpäkkeitä kunnes toisin todistetaan aidosti.

Roswell Boutique said...

What is that?

Anonymous said...

Way to go ace! Just plop a big logo in front of your ufo. NICE! UskyDumb.

Anonymous said...

A Solution!!...What I would like to see is a: "EFO"
[Exotic Flying Object]

Most sightings are Ufo. Unidenterfied! lol so when a Ufo.
is Identerfied, it could be an Earth bound craft,of some sort!? OR an "other worldly" craft!? that would mean [Exotic] in all sense of its meaning.

I think we have become, accustomed
to the word Ufo. and it STICKS, no
matter what it means,so now it means,Unidenterfied,AND the EXOTIC
other worldly UFO:)lol and if you are a "newcomer" to all this, just
scratch your head,because your NOT ALONE! hahaha! its world wide......

Anonymous said... term: [UFO]
had NOTHING to do with: "Flying Saucers" once, it was a term used, for unidenterfied"aircraft" during the war2, then the "FU FIGHTERS"? were spotted, and no one knew what THEY were either,on both sides!?:)

So the term: [UFO] STUCK!!appropriately, but do you think it
should be changed in someway,or is
it too late,since the world is still dealing with the unknown.....

Anonymous said...

During world war2,it has been claimed,that some aircraft flew straight through these large balls
of light,called: FU FIGHTERS! with no adverse effect,but on the other
hand,if these intelligences,decided
that there was a need to bring down
an aircraft,they didn't shoot them down!! they would place themselves at strategic points of the aircraft
and kill the power! the engines would stop, and down they went!?

The intelligences, would have known
that the crew would have this terrible need to bailout,so the plane goes down,and no one dies!?

What would you call this act?
A nonviolent close encounter!?
in the middle of a war???

The FU FIGHTER today, are seen as ORBs!of lights in the sky,but for a
warplane to have flown right through these things,tells me! that
THEY,for the most part, are just lights!! or the LIGHT of amazing ENERGY, with intelligece behind them!?Can you get your head around that?They aren't of a solid state!
so there's no point shooting at them, if that was to be your intention, there is nothing to shoot at!? hahaha!:[ see it, but it isn't there!!! No wonder the
governments are holding back!?
They're stuck with their own reality, without trying to understand this one,and explain it
to the people.....OR.....just maybe
they know more, than they let on
when they say:

There is "no evidence" of Extraterrestrial life..............

Anonymous said...

Several witnesses, 75-100 feet off ground...and nobody took a video or picture of it? People in Amherst don't have cell phones?

Anonymous said...

JUST FOR THE RECORD!.......For the newcomers!!the term: FLYING SAUCER
was coind; by KENNETH ARNOLD in June of 1947 when he had his own sighting from a small plane he was flying at that time, "AND" had nothing to do with the term: UFO

That came later in the war years,
and has STUCK ever since!

KENNETH ARNOLDs sighting of Flying Saucers,Resembled half moon Disks of kind,said to look like
Saucers skipping on water,like a flat stone!?..very fast!..........

Anonymous said...

totally strange. :-0

Anonymous said...

Well i saw one on january 11th and i know i am not is what it is, the powers that be need not to allow the human race to be ignorant of whats among and the religious so called leader need to inform the sheeple as well...if they are up for the challenge...ufo equal fallen angels...

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