Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UFO over Southfield Michigan 13th September 2013

Source Mufon:
We were bring groceries in from the car while the discs crossed the night sky in a northern direction, I ran in and grabbed my camera, photographed the discs giving of a type sparks from each that does not show on the video however when a plane entered the area I could still the discs but I was unable to capture them again once the plane was in the area. They were very bright and extremely noticeable. They hovered and than went in a northerly direction again. There several and more came from the east and joined them they eventually diapered. The event lasted a good 8 minutes and was seen by 3 of use.
I was trying to get them to notice us, at which time they did hover for a period of time. The movement was smooth, rather slow. I was trying to contact them with thought. Sounds unbelievable but true. I was calm and filled with wonder. I was having difficulty holding the camera still as I took the video, I was filmed free hand, no tri pod or brace of any kind the movement of the disc in the video look shaky but the movement of the discs was very smooth.
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Nick Scharfenkamp said...

I Saw the same thing from Troy, MI around 9 or 10pm. I did my best to shoot a video while driving in the direction of the lights but it is so poor quality it not even worth posting. glad to see someone got a better vid than me. Last year I saw something similar and ever since I have been drawn to watching the sky on clear nights in hope of getting some clarity.

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