Sunday, September 15, 2013

UFo orb caught by skywatcher

What was this super fast moving object ?

posters comments:
A skywatcher records an amazing UFO Saucer shaped craft steadily moving over overhead! then the disc shaped craft dissapears within minutes as it builds up a tremendous speed while going in a 30degree constant angle before leaving the atmosphere, all this while an unidentified helicopter is in the vicinity, This is Amazing footage, the detail, the pace, the lighting, the shape, please leave a comment on what your opinion is on this footage!
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Anonymous said...

On my screen, we see what looks like a white doughnut shaped light, moving to the right,as the skywatcher pans it,
presumable,the other lights moving to the left are the stars! as the skywatcher pans to the right.So we have lights moving to the right & to the left! What stumped me, was a "center-left" white light, that stayed stationary throughout.The combination of moving lights,looked irregular!..Could there have been something on the lens? Confusing! when it comes to an amazing video watch.Keep an eye on the center-left light, and you might see what we mean..Don't know what to think of this video, really! We wouldn't say it was a Helicopter as such, because we are
referring to the irregularity of moving lights up there.................................

Anonymous said...

It's a hoax by the photographer.

alien footage said...

That looks fake. I have see more realistic alien footage.

Anonymous said...

Weather balloon.

Anonymous said...

Saw those orbs August 2013 in Queens NY. I am a firm believer in UFOs which can also "cloak". Maybe the possibility of interdimensional craft.

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