Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Bright orb lights over Cranbourne Vic Australia December 2nd 2013

UFO lights or lanterns? Your decide - filmed over Cranbourne Vic Australia December 2nd 2013

Filmers comments:
UFO sighting on December 2nd 2013. In the sky over Cranbourne, Vic, Australia. We pulled over at about 9pm to film these four lights floating around the sky. All four were pretty close to the ground and eventually disappeared. They didn't do a lot, but were amazing to watch! Watch this video in HD!
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Greg St. Pierre said...

My man, you know I love ya, but if you have to ask if it's lanterns... it's lanterns. :-)

Anonymous said...

My son and daughter also saw these, they saw five though, sometimes still, sometimes moving really fast...above the Cranbourne shopping centre.

MazeMatik said...

Definitely something here... a message they are trying to communicate us or a test maybe. Who knows... But we can only begin to imagine the possibilities.

I strongly believe there is something much more significant than we think about these videos. I hope contact will be made soon.

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