Saturday, December 07, 2013

Triangle UFO over Ashley river South Carolina

UFO video filmed on 2nd December - strange craft over Ashley river South Carolina - what was it ? Did anyone else see this?

Filmers comments: Source Mufon Long Description of Sighting Report I saw a huge triangle hovering above the Cosgrove Bridge on the Ashley river. I was driving south on I-26 and toke the Cosgrove exit. I could see it over the bridge while I was exiting. It flew slowly over the bridge and I almost drove under it as it passed over the bridge. I could have thrown a rock at it, it was so close and low. For sure other drivers had to have seen it. A huge black triangle with white lights on each corner and a couple red blinking lights. It was traveling point forward (triangle). I was so excited I just wanted to cross the bridge fast so I could pull over and see it. It was behind me at this point. By the time I crossed the bridge and pulled over, it was far away, flying low and going out of site because it was flying below the tree line from my perspective. I could see the back of it. It was traveling away from me, north, northeast. It had a red light/glow in the center on the tail which seemed to be the propulsion. It seemed to flicker. I called a friend that lived in the direction it was flying to tell him to look outside for it and then another smaller triangle came across the river so I hung up and I recorded it on my phone. It was traveling west to east. This one was smaller but looked the same. Both had the red glow on the back. The smaller one looked kinda like a stealth bomber flying really slow. It flew faster than the first triangle. You can see the red glow on the back and you see it flicker out near the end of the video. My feelings were of excitement but then later frustration because I didnt get the bigger triangle on video. I wish I would have put my hazard lights on and just stopped on the bridge to video record it. It would have been better footage that what I got.
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