Saturday, December 07, 2013

UFO filmed again over Volcano Popocatepetl Mexico ovnis 5th December 2013

Yet another incredible UFO filmed slowing down hovering over Popocatepetl Volcano Mexico.
Filmed on 5th December 2013 this footage is just highly unusual.
Popocatepetl is one of Mexico's most active volcanoes.
There are apparently UFO sightings over this Volcano in Mexico almost daily. It it because the volcano is active?, does anyone know why is the area such a hotspot for UFOs?
ovni ovnis Volcano Popocatepetl Mexico
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Anonymous said...

Ha!ha!ha!..Notice? they didn't come out again. hot dam!..LOOK! if they can go that close to the SUN, why not go into a volcano??..Mmmmmm..Is it a Portal,to the underworld??? They have been seen to travel into & out of the ground,the same with water! as has been reported. In all consideration,it is said, they can shape-shift! alter mater! not only to the ship, but to the ground, it seems!! Sooooo why not a Volcano?? for whatever the reasons..or have they just found an interesting way of disposing of the unwanted!?:)With all this power,you might ask.. "what isn't possible" for them??....:)

What do I think?..Once again,the light,what ever it was,is moving "over the Volcano" from the right, to the left horizon, giving the visual illusion of going into Popocatepeti
Volcano..the above comment!? WELL! just an exorcise of possibility from what we hear and read, heaven help us, if its anywhere near the truth of what we all can read & hear on the net today..keep an open mind,but don't fall out of it:) like a parachute,it only works when its open..............................

Greg St. Pierre said...

I think their definition of "hovering" and mine may differ slightly.

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