Sunday, December 01, 2013

Paranormal Witness Season 3 Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting

Just in case you missed it the latest Season 3 finale of Paranormal Witness features an hour-long look at the Rendlesham Forest UFO sighing in 1980. Originally aired on Novebmer 27th the episode will re-run December 11 at  6pm on SyFy.
The hour-long episode includes real-life, eyewitness testimony from then military personnel John Burroughs and Jim Penniston (among others), as well as dramatic reenactments of their experiences while on duty in Suffolk, England at the RAF Woodbridge base on December 26, 1980.
 Episode trailer:

Close encounters with UFOs do not come with more credible witnesses than this – several senior American airmen including a Lieutenant Colonel see alien crafts near a nuclear base in Suffolk, England.   
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Greg St. Pierre said...

This show is one of the coolest UFO re-enactments ever. The producers deserve a pat on the back for taking it seriously and portraying what a terrifying event it must have been. And skeptics say it was a lighthouse. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

LOL!:)..When you think about this,it is all about having FAITH, in the one telling the story.Is it the truth, or a setup!?..Skeptics, who can not believe,in the unbelievable, "WILL say" the LIGHTHOUSE! being the only logical explanation in their view.But given the truth of the story told
in good faith with witnesses..the lighthouse is "NOT" an option to consider, given the FACTS of the story,we except in good faith, & logic!?..If the story makes sense, and adds up,then there must be something to it,and the skeptics can catch up later,when the light dawns on them, with a new view for the day ahead:)..IF, we are being duped,then we are no better off than looking at CGI
photos of a UFO. anyway!?..Once again! this is why "Official Disclosure" is SO important to us, to acclaim those who report their truth in witness,apposed to the ones that will set us up with disinformation and deception, for God alone knows, what their reason!.............................

Anonymous said...

Wow. There was a ton of new stuff. How come Halt and Penniston didn't say any if this 20 years ago? In the 90s the Rendlesham story was kinda boring. This episode made it more like CE3K!

Anonymous said...

Most people don't like the ridicule,that comes with all this.Its easier to just stay quiet, than to receive all the flack that comes your way....Part of the reason I think!?

Isn't it true,that in some cases, "we don't want to believe" or can't believe, without more evidence!..each of us so different,in whatever our lives experience, or have not experienced!!..What is believable for some,can be just as unbelievable to another, just for that reason alone! What amazes me is,if people hear something "OFTEN ENOUGH" they find themselves believing in it:) isn't that true???..its called conditioning!!!....?

So turn off the telly:).......................[@_@]TV.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear missed the start didnt even know was on just channel hopping imagine being in that control tower watching the radar and seeing something coming towards you at that speed and u cant do a thing about it

klbj94fm said...

New witnesses and aspects to this sighting really make it a more solid case. I had an impossible sighting in mid 80s and I didn't speak to anyone about it until over 20 years later. Why? Because it's so unbelievable that it's ridiculous. If my wife hadn't been with me I would have never spoken too any one about it. Huge craft that moved across the sky in the blink of an eye and stopped on a dime, hovered for a few minutes then just zipped out of sight instantly. Nosound, No lights, No markings. All in broad daylight. To this day I can't say what it was. I'm licensed hospital professional now but maybe when I retire I'll say something to the public.But for now I'm NOT risking my integrity. .

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