Saturday, December 07, 2013

UFO video filmed over League City Texas 28th November 2013

Did anyone else see these UFO lights over League City Texas? Filmed 28th November 2013

Source:Mufon 28th November 2013
Eyewitness comments:
I was visiting with relatives on Thanksgiving Day.What we saw was definitely not any plane, jet or helicopter or any man made ship that any of us had ever seen.See prior report for details. I am sending video attachment of what we saw now. I did not have it when I filed the original report.
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Anonymous said...

Well it seems as if this website has been reduced to "chinese or otherwise" lanterns in the videos. I have been on this site for almost four years and will wait (7) days longer for this to end. It will not be worth my time if this continues and if their is no better content associated with your site. Goodbye to all if changes are not forthcoming soon.....

Anonymous said...

LOL!..Understandably my friend, and lols, but won't work!!:)..All lights seen, are UFOs. until identified!! Even then, the real thing is "STILL called a UFO" Ha!ha!ha!:) You can't win,this is lade in stone:)!:)..Come back now yo hear,you might miss something..another
lanten!!..are you sure? it could be a (Real UFO;)....four years? mmmmmmm..*#%?....?

Four years of thinking LANTERNS, could get to you! but this is the "VALUE" of those posting in to RealUFOs, don't you think??..RealUFOs just shares the question:....

What do you think this is?....LANTERNS!!!:) SERIOUSLY,what if its not? I have seen an orange
orb,and I can assure you, it was NOT a lantern! I don't know what it was, but it wasn't a lantern.It was large & quite high.If it had been smaller,it might have been thought of as a lantern,MAYBE!?..That can be the difference!? Take nothing for granted.But yes, these lanterns can be a pain in the proverbial,for all of us,WELL! for UFO. enthusiasts anyway,may the rest keep smiling and enjoy for now!..Keep smiling,and don't be too serious.Smile on one side,& serious on the other.............................

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