Tuesday, December 03, 2013

UFO video in from Dulverton, Somerset UK

UFO video in from Dulverton, Somerset UK 23rd November:

Filmers comments: On 23rd November at approx 4:30pm I noticed from my home a very large very bright object sitting low on the horizon above Dulverton, Somerset UK where I live. I watched it for some time and then decided to film it from my garden. Unfortunately, by the time I had decided to film it, it was dark and so the size of the object is not apparant in my film. I called my mother who lived 1.5miles away to ask if she too could see this strange thing in the sky. She was amazed by it too and I then over the next few days heard several other people who also had wondered what on earth it was. The object eventually disappeared after about an hour. I uploaded the film onto facebook and a friend of mine, decided to enhance it and slow it down and put it onto Youtube with the title 'UFO over Dulverton, Somerset?? The next day I found on the internet many other accounts of people seeing strange objects in the sky that day and previous days and there was this article in the North Devon Journal w ith an amazing pic taken over a wind farm
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