Monday, May 05, 2008

Google Earth - Mystery Secret UFO & Hidden Places

If you got time guys check this video out - shows you what weird things you can find on google earth!

pt 2

pt 3
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Lich said...

UFO is so popular that peoples often build ufo shaped buildings, for example this one from town where i live :)

Its named "saurcer" and look like giantic ufo landing in middle of town (used for rock concerts and other public purpose)

l2 said...

Google Earth Videos has got to be THE WORST UFO ASPECT.

Sheesh... If you know that NASA is smudging their pictures, what makes you think Google is not doing the exact same thing, even ADDING ufo's to their maps to bring the UFO credibility even further down.

You just stepped in it with both feet... tsk, tsk

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