Tuesday, May 06, 2008

UFO Diaries - The Return Of The Annunaki In 2012 ?

UFO Diaries documentary - The twelfth member of our solar system is slowly wandering back toward the core of the solar system. Inhabited by the Annunaki; these are the Ancient Alien teachers who apparently taught The Ancient Sumerian Culture advanced mathematics astronomy which was far beyond any source available at the time. The visitors are scheduled to reappear at the advent of planet X perhaps in 2012 ? Rate this posting:


LEAX said...

rofl .. but well can be true too but i dont think so

Anonymous said...

They must be bloody cold then. Why leave the warm earth behind for the freezing dark of deep space?

l2 said...

lol anon, good point.

However, they could have compensated that with technology... who knows.

2012 isnt that far off, so I really don't care what various sources say about it right now.

Its all conjecture at this point, not like the UFO phenomenon, which I consider it proven to be true.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how theories change in just a short amount of time ....

Anonymous said...

uhhhg.. how in the hell is this "planet" keeping orbit from so far away? and sustaining life for that matter without the sun.. just nonsense this is.

Anonymous said...

Not again

I thought this planet x stuff was not going to be posted anymore.

LEAX said...

and when you say something it needs to be done ? First of all you could register so youre not anonymous .. second there are ppl that like this kind of news .. get used to it

Anonymous said...

It's not news.. its nonsense.

LEAX said...

prove it ..

Muta said...

Why should he prove it. You dont even believe it yourself.

your first comment
"rofl .. but well can be true too but i dont think so"

Anonymous said...

for a start, i suggest that you do some research befor *rofl* and *lol*

that is what the govenments want you to do, they do not want people to know the truth, the rule people with religeon, make wars on the back of religeon, make money from wars on religeon, if everyone knew the truth, the goverments would be powerless,

1st, Nibiru takes 3,600 of our years, to complete, that would only be a small measure of time for them, maybe just seasons like our summer and winter, white nights and a dark seasons, not too far fetched considering that happens on Earth,

it has been proved that when the tablets of sumeria were written, it was the original record of life on earth, there were neanderthal man walking the earth at that time, who were a complete different specie from monkeys, after all, Evolution is just a theory and has never been proven!

the reason this information is concealed is because it will prove that african people and tribes of that area are indeed relatives of the monkeys, and that some evolution has taken place, all be it very slowly, and africans do share a resemblance to apes, if this info were to be released, it would be called racist, even tho it is already proven.

the Annunaki knew the DNA structure, and genectically engineered a race of people in there own image, fibonacci code of all things can prove that everything is a number, just like a computor program,

the annunaki were slave runners, they had a race of slaves kept at a lower intelligance, and were never meant to breed with them,
they will be back to cleans the humonoids they created, and put the slave race back to how it was supposed to be,
perhaps this time the anninaki will give the supreme beings 20% of their brains to work with this time, as 7% that we have now as a race has proved all that humans do is destroy and distruct there own gene pool and their world.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Has anybody of you read a book of David Icke? I've almost finished the 1st volume "The Biggest Secret" and it was very interesting and there are several more books, of course for those who believe .. Excuse for my English.

Nakor420 said...

First of all, Nibiru ( the home planet of the Annunaki) according to the ancient texts has it's own internal heat scource, so no need to stay close to the sun. Secondly, anyone who laughs at this out of hand is ignorant, especially those who've read the bible and still don't believe, becaue the entire book of Genesis (our creation) was taken directly from the Sumerian texts. only made differant by turning many (natural) extra-terrestrials, into 1 super-natural all powerfull being. I urge everyone to read the book of Enki and THEN decide, don't just laugh at this because "Aliens" are involved.

Anonymous said...

All this crap about Africans being decedants monkeys! I thought you were educated and you know that it's impossible for different species to breed even if they have the same genus. Take a lion and a leopard and try to breed them, then take an african and your so called superior race and tell me they cant breed. I am sure i'll be writing this come 2013

Anonymous said...

Oooh! come on people,your talking through a hole in your head, stirring up the emotions in others doesn't help anyone!!

LOOK!..we are all intelligent,each
& and everyone of us,shinning like a light bulb, lol!...its just
that the wattage is different,but useful:)

Look at life on Earth this way!...

The different array of life forms
in abundance, here on Earth,is just
one "HUGE" Genealogical pool.in a very "BIG" Petri dish, called mother Earth!!...and the "Petri dish" I believe, comes from our ancient ancestral past,the creation
of all things,and has been evolving & adapting ever since.
I think also, that there has been
many, Genealogical mistakes along the way.
Look at for example...the animal called:..the "SLOTH"..and it has come through time ok!!..not the btightest light bulb, but smiling:)

BUT!..when it comes to homo sapien,
please be more sensitive to others,
put yourself at the other end of that stick!?:/....right?:)

Anonymous said...

some people think our sun has a binary companion,a red dwarf star,with its own solar system.i can possibly believe that.dwarf stars are very hard to spot.still,even if there is a nabiru,or tyche,or planet x,i doubt a race called the annunaki live there.could a red dwarf have habitable planets floating around it?i dont think so.
even if nabiru is real,it couldnt be a rogue planet.the theory is the red dwarf has a strange orbit,and sometimes gets too close to our sun,causing planets like nibiru to enter our solar system,and do damage.not possible.any planet approaching the kuiper belt would be ripped from its own orbit,and captured by our sun.

Anonymous said...

its all highly unlikely.ive read nabiru is part of a small solar system,which orbits our sun's binary companion,a red dwarf star.i could possibly believe in a binary companion,but i dont believe there is a nabiru,that the annunaki live there,or that its on its way here.does anyone think a red dwarf could create life?i dont.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if a red Dwarf, could
create life or not, but could the Annunaki have migrated to Nibiru, a VERY long time ago? just as we have migrated from country to country, here on Earth, but they, from planet to planet,but in a BIG way,in the ancient past long gone.

But with their technology, ADAPT to
the environment, of planet x:)

What could their reasons be?

Well, they would be getting a FREE ride through space,around our sun &
past EARTH every 3,600 of our yrs.
which kind of suggests something! don't you think!?

The rest of the story,you may know!

Anonymous said...

Also! it might be worth considering
that "Nibiru & Annunaki" may no longer exist,because of some major
catastrophe, that might have befallen them, long ago, just look at the MOON & MARS!? What disaster happened there??

But WE,"Homo sapiens" as a result, maybe, the prodigy of the ancient existence of the Annunaki,long gone on "Nibiru" or maybe, still around much nearer!?Just a thought!

Amalia said...

They made the UFO in 1991 in Ulyanovsk ( Russia). They never told about it to anyone! Why did they make secrecy of it!?

Anonymous said...

its 2012. n' to the ma**r f***r who said africans evolved 4rm monkeys! !@#$%^&* did u urself evolve 4rm tha white ape/? u lack a brain come 2 africa n' buy an ostriches brain coz i know its more advanced than your

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