Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Robbie Williams in a new UFO documentary

Robbie is doing alot now to raise interest in Ufo's and this is a credit to him as it takes courage for anyone with such high public profile to do this. Robbie mentions that he spends heaps of time online on sites such as ATS researching about ufos - so if your reading this Robbie put a good word in for too!

In this interview Journalist and documentary maker, Jon Ronson goes with the singer Robbie Williams to a UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada in the USA. Robbie Williams is taking time out from being a pop star and wants to get out and have adventures in the world of the paranormal. He has a genuine interest in UFOs and has been researching sightings, abductees and the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

During the course of the day, Robbie and Jon meet a doctor who claims to have 15 metallic objects which are not earthly, as well as a British woman, Ann Andrews, who believes that her youngest son Jason is an 'indigo child' - a child abducted by extra terrestrials while in the womb and sent back to Earth to save the planet.

The documentary was recorded on location over 3 days in LA and Nevada. The programme is a radical departure from the usual pop star interview and Jon Ronson brings his own incisive take on proceedings with Robbie at the UFO conference.
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Anonymous said...

Credibility go's for a crash landing because of people like this ....

" Ann Andrews, who believes that her youngest son Jason is an 'indigo child' - a child abducted by extra terrestrials while in the womb and sent back to Earth to save the planet."

There's medication for Ana Andrews and people like her with this condition !

Anonymous said...

Guh.. it's weird. People running around saying, "I bet there are UAP's and ET's." Asking if there are ET's is really only scratching the surface of what is most likely a much bigger reality than we're able to perceive given that we've only evolved as animals to survive on the incubator called Earth.

So, are there ET's? Probably, but there's probably A LOT else too. We could be living in the presence of exotic life all the time without knowing it.

Also, if you were to speak to someone who was informed on the whole matter, they probably wouldn't start with "Yes, there are ET's." It'd be more like: So.. tell me what you think you know about.. most things and we'll start from there. ET's are probably only a chapter in the great scheme of stuff we don't understand about reality.

Anonymous said...

The idea of life from another planet just happens to be the most relatable thing we can consider.. and even that will be far from easy to adapt to.

Anonymous said...

People who believe in ET's need to expand their mind beyond "UFO's", because anyone with half a brain should know that this belief opens a MASSIVE can of worms. As quickly as we learned of alien life, we'll come to the ultimate conclusion it's only a catalyst for knowing. And I don't mean "join the galactic federation of aliens" or "zero point energy duuude. we can just keep on living out consumer existences and not harm anything. yeah man. yeah" This zero point energy shit, whether it exists or not, appeals so much to people who really don't have the discipline to realize they need to change THEMSELVES, not their fuel. Also, lose this "UFO" crap. It means nothing. These things.. they fly? Not really based on how they move. UAP is the more accurate term. At least Flying Saucer. UFO is old and dried up. It's a term coined by the media as disinformation.

l2 said...

hey anon above, I agree mostly with what you said, but you really don't stop and think about what the effect of a 'zero-point energy electrical generator' will mean for the average individual.

It means much more freedom and independence for the average individual than you would suspect at first glance.

That's what's it all about. self-empowerment and self-responsibility, that's the way of the future. In the end, it will be either that or *TOTAL GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL* from cradle to grave (Nazi Germany would be a picknick in comparison), with just a few elite running the show.

Anonymous said...

It looks like somebody mixing paranormal and ET stuff together. Far as I know there different classifications.

It really doesn't take too much thought when it comes to ET's. I'll give you an example. how many sun like stars in our galaxy couple of billion would you say. OK now, how many galaxies are there billions !

Okay now I'm just guessing. but, I bet there is more ET's then I can count on my hands and toes ..... ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but ET is officially a paranormal topic, at least in the Roswell sense.

YOU may believe 100%, but it's still a topic of the paranormal until proven otherwise.

l2 said...

Well, I hate to burst YOUR bubble,

But to anyone who is openminded, the Roswell case is already proven to be true.

Even Bill Clinton is 'convinced there was a UFO at roswell' since he read the government documents during his presidency.

Watch youtube: watch?v=4O8j9_TBZUo

Roswell and the whole UFO phenomenon is proven to be true.

Anonymous said...

It's not proven. Sorry man. Maybe you need to look up the word "proof". It's all testimonials, unfortunately. And you can't always count on people's ability to recall.

Anonymous said...

Also, those documentaries are designed to entertain you. No where does it say that they need to be truthful. It's entertainment. If any of the people they interviewed said anything along the lines of "oh, no it wasn't et related." Then they won't include that interview.. because the whole show is supposed to entertain people in the eyes of conspiracy. Keep in mind, the same people who make movie entertainment etc. make these documentaries. It's not a "science" show.. because they can leave out contradictory information as they please.

Anonymous said...

Think about it.. you're funding an upcoming documentary airing in 2009 blah blah. You want it to be a hit.. because you have investors. Do you really think they'd make a documentary about aliens and give you an objective spin on it? No, they want you to walk away saying OMG OMG.

Anonymous said...

I believe ET's are out there, but I HATE this tunnel visioning to the same events that really only narrow the topic.. mainly because SO much faith is given to them and they could be completely bogus. Keep your minds open and don't just focus on the media for UAP reporting. Read, look up lots of information on everything. Not just Roswell.

l2 said...

not proof? lol

You can convict a man to deathrow on 2 testimonials.

But on the subject of UFO this is suddenly not considered proof... even there are HUNDREDS of testimonials... ALL OF MILITARY PERSONNEL AND INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYEES.

But in the end, what do I care you insist in living in a fairytale? Not much, so I wish you good luck and a happy ending..

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