Saturday, May 10, 2008

UFO Hunters - the NASA files Episode 13

Always a must watch here the Ufo Hunters episode 13 as promised :"NASA has been exploring space for decades, and there are persistent reports that the agency has uncovered surprising information about UFOs. The team speaks with former astronauts, employees and engineers, and delves into NASA videos to see if the space agency knows more than it is letting on."
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Anonymous said...

man... I'm sure glad UFO Hunters debunked some of that optical allusion stuff...

Gives them more credibility. Not like some people saying look at the orbs surrounding the tether BS... lol

LEAX said...

yeah but the STS 48 Discovery footage is superb

Anonymous said...

Matt, Great video, I too am glad that this video will finaly put an end to that ridiculous David Sereda crap. I always felt that that particular NASA video showed nothing significant and every time someone touted it as evidence it just emboldened the debunkers and nay-sayers. I am dissapointed that they didn't examine that NASA video where the controllers are trying to visually locate the ISS from a shuttle camera and there is TONS of stuff seemingly flying in and out of the atmosphere of Earth. Otherwise, thanks for for uploading that one!

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