Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Mysterious Power of Qigong

Hey guys,
Ok i know this is really unrelated to UFOs, but i know you guys are open minded so thought i would post here.
Recently i have been seeing this powerful 'qigong master' in Sydney and the treatment is definitely out of the paranormal! The guy in Sydney i see has amazing results for many illnesses. I was literally shocked when i felt the energy going into my body - like electric shocks coming out of this guys hand going into me, it was real strange! I am now convinced their is definitely something powerful about qigong and it deserves further study. If you want to learn a good qigong course try this one. The below videos are extreemly interesting and show you just what untapped power we have within us:
Qigong master lights up a light bulb and burn papers with Qigong!:

Qigong master boils water with energy:

Powerful qigong master emits energy for defense:

this video is real & amazing:
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Anonymous said...

Good grief!

Well Matt, as long as doesn't interfere with your ability to find UFO videos.

Lol. That last one is a hoot.

LEAX said...

A W E S O M E vids .. keep em coming

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how much energy you have when you finally find that girl with green eyes.

Anonymous said...

another good job, matt!

amazing videos...

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