Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ufo sighting in Saltcoats, Scotland April 2008

Ufo sighting in Saltcoats, Scotland

Alex Gibb, 34, had been sitting in his home on Saughtree Avenue when he spotted the four strange lights at around 9pm.

He doesn;t believe in UFO's and so he went outside to investigate and took some shocking footage which can be seen below.

Alison Kelly was in Adams Road in Saltcoats at the same time when she saw the unusual sight and she and her family were gobsmacked at the sight. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Interesting. VERY interesting. Looks A LOT like what we've seen in the most recent Phoenix Lights.

Anonymous said...

A plane, plain and simple

Anonymous said...

Not so sure about a plane.
In the first few seconds it definitely looks to be rectangular.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"A plane, plain and simple"


At the VERY least, they are all separate planes. No WAY IN HELL this is just one plane.

Lich said...

Similar to recently Phoenix, four lights, fly separately (or maybe in two groups)I wish to see longer movie. Theory: UFO formation, or new kind of Firework (four flares connected by fishing line)

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