Saturday, May 10, 2008

What are these black ring ufos ?

I have previously talked about the black ring ufos before. Some people believe they are like cloaked ufos, or possibly the residue caused by a ufo - what do you guys think?. I mean it would seem strange that it would be a natural weather phenomenon right?. What is even more strange is that footage of the black ring ufos always keep disappearing from youtube - more evidence of the youtube ufo censorship (see these all deleted!).

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Anonymous said...

They are the same ones you have posted about twice before.

Matt, try some of Erich Von Daniken's theories if finding new stuff is getting harder.
If UFO's have been around for thousands of years then his ideas may have some truth in them.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on the NASA announcement plleeeassse. You built it up so you should present to everyone what it is.

Richard Lalancette said...

An ETV once passed the crossing point of light, will appear invisible even if it's fully there still.
The vibration level or frequency the material structure of the craft is at doesn't emit of interact with light.
This is the explanation given by Disclosure Project Witnesses.

So what you might be seeing there is the remains of effect of the craft anti-gravity system. Who knows.

Interesting Pictures nonetheless.

Richard Lalancette

PETER KIRK said...

just plain wierd !!!bit like the mexican witch thing also realy wierd ! i found the police officers testemony and obvious shocked state genuinly real.

IsraeliSkeptic said...

as a skeptic I must point you to
and to

Looking at the first, one can imagine that with darker smoke, one can get similar results to the ones in this post.
The second, shows you that nature can create similar looking smoke rings as well.

BTW, have you heard about flogos? This technology can create really interesting looking clouds.

gavinovz said...

Just adding an idea but do you guys think it could be some short of unknown lifeform. Something like a ROD.

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