Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ufo Censorship on Youtube

Guys ,
Recently, with implementation of the new Youtube's regulation guidelines meant to stop terrorism we have seen also a culling of many Ufo videos as well (including Acebyran) -whether this  is a  co-incidence who knows, but it is strange this happened around the same time. Although, i agree with the ideas of the guidelines i believe they are too broadly sweeping ..
Where's Acebyran?:

This is an interesting video as well , although i am not sure about the internet2 hype stuff now Alex Jones does have some points a validity (like comcast and the FCC):
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Anonymous said...

These vid's are not workin......

Rand said...

Sure youtube is a world wide thing, but it seems like the states is becoming more and more like communist China, whereas China seems to be becoming more and more like the states in the 60s/70s.

Everyone kicks up a stink about Chinas censorship of the net, but it seems that the states is headed in the same direction, it's a scary thing for y'all, glad I live way down here in kiwi land.

I can't understand this push towards censorship, it isn't going to stop terrorism, terrorism will be around until the end of human existence. I guess it's about keeping the masses blind and happy.

The war on terror is ambiguous, it's like the war of drugs or the saggy pants law, it's there to let them get away with whatever they like.

Great blog, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

The reason ACEBYRAN's videos were deleted and his account closed is simple. They're not his. He's breaching copyright. The History Channel and Nat Geo are cracking down on this at the moment and working with Youtube removing accounts of those who infringe copyright. No conspiracy here.

Anonymous said...

Dont you see??? its begun! theyre picking off the "rebellious" one by one, trying to drive us apart and shut us up! we cant let it happen! Acebryan, if youre out there, dont be scared! stand tall!
-the masked rabbit-

= =

Anonymous said...

I am from the U.K. and I have just tried infowars and prisonplanet.
Both are working fine, and both have links to Alex Jones.
Also the B.B.C. news did report that Internet servers are going to limit the number of available sites we can visit and also thinking of charging extra for "other" sites!
I think it is the death nells for the Internet as we Brits know it.

Rand said...

Wow, sorry about my comment, I was drunk.

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