Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 the Year of Ufo disclosure

great little clip just showing how the pace to Ufo disclosure is picking up speed - credible witnesses, government officials, heads of state all support the cause:
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Anonymous said...

Barrack Obama's comment, while partly joking, is also hitting the nail on the head. People who assume disclosure of extraterrestrials is something that "should happen" aren't necessarily seeing the big picture. If certain people knew that there was a presence, but they also knew that the aliens were involved with mankind in ways that would be deemed unacceptable based on many of our core beliefs/morals/ethics, and if they knew these aliens had the ability to continue doing what they do in a non obvious way, then they probably aren't going to tell the people. Why would they? People would panic. That's what people do.

Grace w. Miano said...

We've always panicked for one issue or the other.For instance people living in weak tectonic plates in far east always afraid of eathquakes,we panic coz terrorist attack,mountain eruption.but life goes its better panicking with the information than dying of

Flix said...

Who in the hell do these leaders think they are?
I'll decide what my reaction will be all I want from them is the TRUTH.
How dare they tell me what's good for me and what isn't.
The arrogance of our leaders is astounding.
What they are really afraid of is the break down of their systems, political, religious etc etc. These are the tools by which they control us and they fear that once we become aware of their falsehood then their power over us will dissolve. Religion is the main controller and once the masses become aware that this universe is TEEMING with intelligent life then we'll be asking a lot of questions and discarding many of our superstitions.

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