Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pine Gap - Australia's Area 51 ?

I very sad to hear that Pine Gap in Australia has become like Area 51 in the US .. people can be arrested for even protesting there.. just what are they hiding at there at this secret base?
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Anonymous said...

It's a defence base.. is there any more reason necessary to consider that we want our defences to stay unkown like a trump card.
Keep your stupid asses out of the property, they are defending the country ffs.

Anonymous said...

apart from the kylies, aussie girls tend to be dam ugly!!

Anonymous said...

Just opened up this page and was amused by the two moronic comments. What was the point of the second one?

To the main point. You only have to listen to numerous well respected journalists from the U S Media and beyond now admitting that they were taken in by the lies and hype of the US Government about the Iraqis being responsible for 911 and their so called weapons of mass destruction. They were taken in like a lot of other decent people at the time unfortunately. You can see what some of their people in positions of power in Government are capable of. So who in their right mind thinks that the USA keeps our government and defence force honestly and fully informed about all the activities that go on at Pine Gap?

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