Monday, June 29, 2009

Berlin, Germany, June 27, 2009

Two weird orbs over Berlin, Germany on June 27, 200
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Neurotoxicum said...

Transkript as far as I understood:

Das sind wirklich UFOs, Ich werd verrückt!

Keine Positionslichter, keine Geräusche, nichts!
Absolut -???-

Variierende Geschwindigkeiten, Eins steht fast, eins entfernt scih sehr schnell

Das ist der Hammer!

Da kommt noch eins!


Und noch eins!


Die sehen aus wie kleine Lämpchen

-???- -???-

Keine Geräusche!

Das ist der Knaller ey!


Neurotoxicum said...

And the Translation:

These are really UFOs, I become crazy (meaning being really excited)

No position lights, no sound, nothing!

Absolutely -???-

Varrying speeds, one is quite standing (in the air), one is moving away very quickly

This is "Hammer" (great/unbelievable/ just wow ;) )

There is one more coming!

"Geil" (great/genius)

And one more!


They look like little lamps/lights!

-???- -???-

No sound!

This is the "Knaller", ey! (something that is a really big thing)

-???- -???-

Sorry, if the translation ist not a 100% accurate, but there are words that are really hard to translate.
I hope you can get a sense of the conversation, if you bother at all!

Good to see, that there are also UFOs over Germany being filmed by Germans themselves!

Have a nice day wherever you are!

Patrick said...

i saw one of these in frankfurt, germany the same night. any idea if it was a meteor or something burning up?

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