Friday, July 03, 2009

Ufo seen out of plane window Portugal, May 2009

I am always telling people to keep an eye out of the plane for ufos and get the window seat because ufos are very commonly seen from planes... ( I saw one in over Argentina last year myself infact!)

This great one was submitted by one of our readers , would like to know your thoughts on this one - thank-you Ian: (any more info ian?)

In the age of photoshop we do need further scruitiny and image checking - anyone who knows about image editing please check higher quality version and tell me what you think ?

Taken from a the window of a Ryanair flight returning from Portugal, May 2009

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Mike said...

It's a fake. The pixel pattern is different in the surrounding area around the "ufo". You can tell someone used a smoothing filter around the object to hide their poor work.

Anonymous said...

looks like the TR-3B!

pigsbladders said...

Mike I had the same thoughts as you on the pixel resolution of the object, it's too clear compared to the engine of the plane which is nowhere near as sharp

Anonymous said...

Thats not the colour of an engine on a rynair 737 800, Picture is fake as

Anonymous said...

Fake, when you enhance the surroundings of the object you can clearly see it's been fingered :-)

asterius said...

Disappointing really. It looks good, but by comparing the pixel noise in areas of the photo with similar tone you can see it is unusual in the low level of noise it has. It was probably taken at a higher resolution then shrunk to fit. There is also something a bit wrong with the shadowing. The sun direction seems not quite right, though given that the shape is not clear that might not be an issue.

Leopoldo Zambrano Enríquez said...

Nombre archivo: ufo.jpg
Tipo archivo: JPEG
Tamaño archivo: 5,506.6 KB
Fecha creación: 14/05/2009 09:21
Última modificación: 25/04/2011 09:40
Marca: Panasonic (
Cámara: DMC-FZ8
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
Dimensión: 3072 x 2304 px (7.1 MP, 4:3)
Distancia focal: 36 mm KB (6 mm Real)
Abertura: F8
Tiempo exposición: 1/500"
Ratio velocidad ISO: 100/21°
Programa: Manual
Modo Medición: Pattern
Balance de blancos: Auto
Flash: Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode

The Artist has use Photoshop.

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