Thursday, July 02, 2009

Jamie Maussan and the hoping alien - Night Vision england

This is an old one but made me laugh when the alien hopped away... Jamie Maussan always comes up with these crazy ones ..i feel this one is a cgi ... posted for your entertainment purposes and discussion!
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Anonymous said...

Ever wonder if Jaime is actually a disinformer? It wouldn't be hard to see him as such because many of his videos that he endorses are very obviously fakes.

Anonymous said...

Wow I've been following this site for years and have never seen that amazing clip before.

What bugs me is they say filmed in England ,but the guy filming is a yank, and the scenery does not look like the typical English country side I know. But great footage regardless, and if anyone made it they deserve an oscar.

craig Tonkin said...

Clearly fake. The jump spoils it. The alien moves too much like a CG character. This sorta stuff does more harm than good to the UFO cause.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Maussan's Saturday TV cartoon show!!

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