Friday, July 03, 2009

Suppressed Electrogravity theories - High voltage electrostatic fields manipulate gravity

Why are theories about Electrogravity been ignored by modern science?

High voltage electrostatic fields seem to manipulate gravity and could explain how ufos fly. Applying this information could lead to the development of special new engine used to make a man made ufo craft (or is this how the TR3-B Triangle already works?) .

Infact many black project craft used by the US airforce emit High voltage electrostatic fields from their wings already. (remember the Nazi's also knew about this over 50 years ago when they invented the 'wonder weapon' which required high voltage frequency energy). This could also explain why observed ufos appear sometimes at a high frequency state and often glow very brightly - High voltage electrostatic fields may be emitted by the crafts.

So why Government concerns and a scientific coverup of the Electrogravity theories - is it due to national security? I think so...
It reminds me of the Stan Meyer device infact - high voltage /frequency electricity effects seem to change many properties of matter and this seems to be an ignored with modern science just because it doesn't fit in with excisiting theories...... Townsend Brown knew this all decades ago:
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