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Anonymous said...

its a plane notice flashing lights?

johneshelley said...

yea...UFO's don't have much need for anti-collision lights...

Anonymous said...

its not an alien craft.
can you guys read?
its a TR-3B.
which is a craft that is man made from alien anti-gravity technology.

Anonymous said...

I saw this too, around september 2009. Was much lower and flew directly over my place of work two times at very low speed. This was like 30 miles away from where you had captured this video

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the one who videotaped this. My youtube page is

I convinced the crafts I saw in early 2009 weren't man made. One of those occasions a UFO craft flew over my house about 60 feet from the ground.

It was foggy that night and the UFO strobe light lit up the fog and I could see the craft with 100% clarity.

I videotaped about 4 of the 15-20 sightings.

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