Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making A Killing: think twice about your prescription drugs

Ok this is a non Ufo post but one i wish people to comment on:
With senseless death of stars like Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger we really need to think
.. are prescription drugs killing out generation?
I just watched this documentary and i was shocked...
As you may know some medications are necessary for certain health conditions
but the era of over prescribing has balloned since the early 90s'.
You probably know some one whose lives ended after an 'unexpected' reaction to such medication
(please comment if you have).
Its estimated that over 2800 people die worldwide per day as a result of adverse reactions
to prescription medications - (thats almost like one 9/11 every day!!) .. (& that doesn't
include the unreported deaths! )
We really need to think about the pills we are taking .. also i know this video is controversial so
comments appreciated - especially if you can relate to this video)

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VirtuallyLucid said...

Did you know that the statistics on "teenage pregnancy" include 18 and 19 year old women who are married and have children with their husbands in wedlock? In fact, the majority of teenage pregnancies fall into that category. However, we just hear about teen pregnancy and then they tell us about cases of Jr. High or High School children, not informing us of the truth of the study.

Similarly, the majority of prescription deaths aren't due to normal use of the prescription as directed by your physician. Most of them are due to misuse or abuse of a prescription drug. Your pharmacist and physician keep a record of the medications you are on, the interactions that occur, and the dangers of certain combinations. When you hand out meds to family or friends, take them differently than you are told, or even mix them with herbal supplements, you can have deadly results.

Not to say that this isn't a good documentary. I'm just saying that you should investigate the source, the study, and all the information INDEPENDENTLY before you start getting anti-medication.

I could go on all day about the dangers of St. John's Wort. I know of a family member who went comatose because they used it while on an MAOI. But there are no regulations for that.

Jorge said...

I want to gratefully thank you( i m brazilian sry 'bout my english) for posting this video, i watched it all.
1 year ago i got down and te doctor put me on sertralina(sertralin) but in first hand, it no come too good, after i went to another doctor who used chinese medications(i will ask her if it psycotropic) i got better and leeft sertralin, i will never take this drugs again, it really awful,, thank you very much, i want to ask you if u can get some information how can i really revert effects of the psycotropic drugs.

Thank you

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