Friday, October 02, 2009

Chiliean military releases new video of UFO over its warships

Chile like other south american countries are so open with their Ufo disclosure .. its a shame their northern counterpart won't do the same.
We need some spanish translators to help translate this amazing new news report:
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opppss said...

Fake or not, today, Asturias near Galicia.

markymint said...

Brilliant! So thank you Chile! Perfect evidence :) And the ring UFO!! Yay! My favourite! And one that's not been around enough in 2009 (if at all) so an excellent video all round :)

Dickos Fortuna said...

the chiliean vid: very interesting. The vid posted in the comments: fake.

Anonymous said...

all comments made by the guys on TV are related to the videos, maybe while watching you are saying the same things e.g. " how interesting, irrefutable evidence" and so on...

no much to translate , the two guys discussing each video are just amazed as I am, anyhow ...thanks for the disclosure chilean navy

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